Thursday, January 4, 2018

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day One: Ten Things That Make You Happy

Happy New Year!! 

So, I saw this 30-Day Writing Challenge on Facebook.  I wasn’t tagged to join it so, of course, I self-guilted myself into taking up the challenge.  Feel free to join in and write your own lists.     Or don’t.  I can’t tell you what to do.  I ain’t your daddy.

Ten Things that Make Me Happy

 Craft supplies.

  Is it just me or does walking up and down the aisles in a craft supply store fill everyone with the happiness of a thousand rainbows?  I sometimes stand in front of my craft closet and just look at my stuff.  Squee!  I’m don’t even think finishing a craft project brings me as much joy as having to buy the supplies for said project. 

 Road trips. 

 Yes, please.  Let’s pack some snacks and make a playlist.  It doesn’t really matter where we are going as long as I can be a passenger. Please know that if you invite me on a road trip, I’m only signing on to be a passenger.  I have no desire to be the one doing the driving because that fills me with irrational anxiety (especially with someone in the car with me.   I also only want to road trip with someone who loves to drive aimlessly and will stop at fast food drive -thrus, road side stands or beaches on a grey day.
Diner breakfast. 

 I’m not a morning person, but I looove going out for breakfast.  I especially love diner/ dive breakfast places with small kitchens and giant pancakes.   Also beatnik coffeehouses where I can pretend to be a famous author over a mug of mocha coffee and a sesame bagel.  I don’t like eggs but I love a minimally egg-dipped French toast and a window seat.

My niece and nephew.  

My niece is 18 and my nephew is 7, insert the level of foolishness right here.  Laughing hard about completely obnoxious things to the point that it makes my sister tell us to cut it out brings me immense joy.  These sessions usually end with one of the kids saying “but Auntie did it.. “ and then we all get in trouble. Have I mentioned that I’m the older sister?


 These tamales are not the Mexican style ones most people think of when you say the word “tamale”.   Nacatmales are the variety my Honduran aunt used to make for me by the freezer full.  Wrapped in tin foil and packed with meat, potatoes, rice and a Spanish olive.  Pluck a packet out of a pot of steaming water and cut it open. The smell of the masa and pork mixed with a briny olive that I hated to bite into but knew was needed because it added to the taste. Just thinking about them makes me do a little fat kid dance!   I use to unfold all the wrinkles in the tinfoil to eat every bit of the nacatamal in the crevices.  Since my aunt passed I have been trying to replicate these tamales, but I know I may be trying to replicate a childhood memory versus a reality.

 Twerk cooking.

I suppose it is possible to cook a meal without rump shaking your way around the kitchen, but I’m not sure I want to participate in that type of activity.   Now, I’m not saying every time I boil water for a Cup O’ Noodle that it commands a DJ.  Mostly these Kitchen Get Downs are reserved for family dinner preparations.    While not everyone in my family cooks (you know who you are) everyone in the house participates in the shenanigans.  This song is a favorite, and also the  ringtone that plays when my mother calls my niece. 

My cat.  

Saoirse is always judging you.

Make no mistake, my cat, Saoirse, is better than any of your pets, children, spouses, or play cousins.  Don’t try to prove me wrong, you will only make yourself sad.

Here, enjoy another picture.  This one was on  our holiday cards.



 Please, call the season by its formal name.  Autumn is an event.  Shorter days and changing leaves.  Cable knit sweaters and hot cider donuts.  The smell of apple trees and burning wood. The anticipation of the first day of school even though you haven’t personally had to pin your mittens to your coat sleeve for a very long time.  The new year should start in September.


 Now, I’m not a multiple cup of coffee a day drinker, I would like to be but I don’t have that type of constitution.   My happiness comes from thee electric jolt of that first cup.  You know that slow charge your brain jumps to attention as the caffeine washes over each cell like a wave kissing the shore, and you instantly feel like you can conquer the world?  That’s love right there.    Sure, it’s a short-lived and fickle romance, but in that caffeinated moment it is bliss. 


  My favorite type of day is a grey, rainy fall (I mean, autumn) day where the trees still have orange leaves on them and the trunks are almost black.  I love the sound of the cars driving on wet pavement.  The sound of lazy rain fall is like a meditation. When I’m having a stressful day I google “rain” and  scroll through all the rainy grey images.   One of my auntie legacies will be that I  encouraged my niece and nephew to stand barefoot in the summer rain. cover.  Also, did you know this was a thing  

Whew.  So much happiness.  Hopefully I can keep this writing challenge up for 29 more days.  Are you doing any challenges this January?  Tell me about them in the comments.

Until next time.. Blessings.. 

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day One: Ten Things That Make You Happy

Happy New Year!!  So, I saw this 30-Day Writing Challenge on Facebook.  I wasn’t tagged to join it so, of course, I self-guilted myself...